Image Licensing

Image licensing controls the use of high quality images in advertising, publishing and the media. For the user, the main advantage of a Rights Managed image is that it has a traceable history of use. This helps to avoid problems associated with uncontrolled Royalty Free images, where embarrassment and commercial damage can occur when companies unknowingly use images that have previously been used by competitors.


Under Rights Managed image licensing, the photographer sells agreed publication rights that control the use of each image. The licence includes provisions governing: who the image may be used by; the purpose for which it may be used; the length of time it may be used for; how many times it may be used; the countries or territories it may be used in; and whether exclusivity is included.


The price of an image licence depends entirely on the use for which it is required. As a general rule educational publishing is cheaper than advertising, a 10,000 copy print run is cheaper than 20,000, a licence for one country only is cheaper than world rights, and non-exclusive use is cheaper than exclusivity.


It is important when making a picture request to give as much information as possible about the licence you require, to avoid paying more than you need to. It can be extremely expensive to purchase all rights, whereas in most situations buyers only need to use the image for a specific project and for a limited period of time. Proper image licensing often allows buyers to save money in comparison to uncontrolled, Royalty Free images, providing they specify the limits of their use.


Please bear in mind that a licence is not conferred until the payment has been received.


No. None of the images on this website are available on a Royalty Free basis. In many instances it is possible to license our Rights Managed images for less than an equivalent Royalty Free image.


No. Gareth’s photos, like all works of art, are protected under international copyright laws. Copyright protection ensures that the creator has exclusive rights over the copying, publishing, adapting, distributing, electronic transmission, broadcasting, renting, lending, and public performance of the work. Reproducing Gareth’s images in any of these ways is illegal, unless you have explicitly agreed an image licence authorising the use of the image. By licensing an image properly through our website, you can ensure that you do not infringe Gareth’s copyright entitlements.


We take copyright infringement seriously because it undermines our licensing system and damages our commercial interests. For this reason, we actively pursue all unauthorised image use. Although copyright infringement is normally a matter for civil courts, deliberate infringement can be a criminal offence.


The laws that govern copyright can be found within the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and the Universal Copyright Convention (UCC). In the Republic of Ireland, images are also protected under the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000.


If you are not satisfied with the image file for any reason, please contact us immediately. We will refund the licence fee in full providing written notice is given prior to commencement of the licence term.