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Auroras, Lies and Camera Sensors


The increasing popularity of aurora photography in recent years has produced some stunning imagery from unlikely latitudes. However all is not as it seems. There are implications for the wider integrity of photography.


We’ve all seen those images over the past few years (popping up in our Facebook feeds or in the media) depicting spectacular displays of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights from Great Britain, Ireland or the lower 48 in the US. Regardless of the location, they’re pretty amazing images. But beneath the wow-factor and thousands of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ lurks a nasty little integrity issue ...

Gareth Wins Ierland Press Award

Gareth has been named the joint winner of the Ierland Press Award, in the category of photography.

This is a Dutch award, given to an article published in the October 2014 issue of Waterkampioen, a Dutch boating magazine. When the magazine sent its journalists to research an article on the River Shannon last year, they commissioned Gareth to provide some stand-out shots for the title spread.

The brief required some uncluttered boating images that captured the essence of Irish river cruising. Gareth arranged a dawn shoot, hoping that swirling mist would provide an ethereal atmosphere. The day broke perfectly, with ...

Exposé on IrishCentral.com

Gareth's photography was featured in a recent article on the popular Irish-American website Irish Central. Click here to view the article online.


Photography Workshops

Photography WorkshopsI've finally achieved a long-term ambition with the launch of a photography workshop for this coming autumn.

Workshops are like a combination of a teaching course and an adventure holiday, and they may last a single day, a weekend or perhaps a week or more. The aim of the workshop is to improve your own photography skills by learning from, and shooting alongside, a seasoned professional. There is a mixture of outdoor field trips to interesting locations, and indoor instruction sessions where you can discuss the practical and theoretical skills that go into taking a great picture.

The first ...

'Secrets of the Irish Landscape' Documentary

RTE, the Irish state broadcaster, has recently produced a television series called 'Secrets of the Irsh Landscape'. Presented by popular wildlife personality Derek Mooney, it consists of three hour-long, documentary-style programmes that investigate the natural history of Ireland's flora, fauna and landscape.

The series was groundbreaking for RTE because the producers invited submissions from independant video makers for the first time. In the end they selected work from a small handful of external photographers - one of whom, I'm delighted to say, was me. The programmes include around twenty of my HD video clips, many of which also feature ...

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