Gareth Wins Ierland Press Award

Gareth has been named the joint winner of the Ierland Press Award, in the category of photography.

This is a Dutch award, given to an article published in the October 2014 issue of Waterkampioen, a Dutch boating magazine. When the magazine sent its journalists to research an article on the River Shannon last year, they commissioned Gareth to provide some stand-out shots for the title spread.

The brief required some uncluttered boating images that captured the essence of Irish river cruising. Gareth arranged a dawn shoot, hoping that swirling mist would provide an ethereal atmosphere. The day broke perfectly, with a soft dawn followed by calm reflections. Gareth captured the image used for the title spread of the article, along with several other shots.

To view a PDF version of the entire award-winning article, click here. Additional photos were taken by Dutch journalist Vincent Zuidema, who shares the award with Gareth.