Mullaghmore Head Big Wave Surfing

On Wednesday 7th March 2012, a very large swell generated by a massive winter storm off the southern tip of Greenland arrived on Irish shores from the northwest. At its height during the hours of darkness between the 7th and 8th the swell peaked at almost 40ft, and although it was on the wane through the Thursday it was still more than big enough to provide a full day of epic conditions for the tow-in surf teams that gathered at Mullaghmore Head in Co Sligo. 

Mullaghmore Head

Photographing the wave is straightforward enough, so long as you have a decent telephoto. The picture above was shot on a 100-400mm zoom at the 400mm end on ISO400 handheld. Shooting on a tripod is difficult as you need to constantly pan with the rider as they race down the line, especially in the case of this composition where I wanted to hold an out-of-focus foreground in shot to add a bit more interest.