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Gareth has dedicated his career to photographing wild landscapes in dramatic light. This site contains thousands of images from more than twenty years behind the lens. Gareth also leads a limited number of workshops and tours each year.

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Irish Landscape Photography Workshops & Tours

Join one of Ireland’s top landscape photographers for a memorable photo workshop in a beautiful Irish location.

Discover Ireland’s most dramatic landscapes, and improve your confidence and ability behind a camera.

Irish landscape photographers learning to take photos of Ireland

Group Workshops and Tours

Join a small group for a weekend workshop or longer regional tour

Group enjoying Irish landscape photography workshops

Private Tuition and Custom Tours

One-to-one individual instruction, and personalised multi-day tours

Video Production

Give your film project a dynamic edge with stunning Irish landscape photography and adventure footage. Gareth’s video work has appeared in TV documentaries by RTE, BBC and PBS, as well as commercial advertising campaigns. Specialities include time lapse, drone and point of view cameras.


Featuring over 160 colour photographs shot over 20 years, The Mountains of Ireland is an acclaimed collection of wild and dramatic Irish landscape photography. Browse the pages and order your signed copy here:

Mountains of Ireland by Irish landscape photographer Gareth McCormack


Gareth works with a wide variety of commercial clients, supplying top-quality photography and video covering a host of different subjects. From corporate PR and display murals, to 360° panoramas, drone photography and more.

Brochure cover photos of Ireland by Gareth McCormack

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The increasing popularity of aurora photography in recent years has produced some stunning imagery from unlikely latitudes. However all is not as it seems. There are implications for the wider integrity of photography. We’ve all seen those images over the past few years (popping up......

It is said that the native forests of Ireland were once so extensive that a squirrel could cross from one side of Ireland to the other without touching the ground. We now have one of the lowest densities of woodland cover in Europe. Here and......

If you haven’t already seen it I strongly recommend watching the jaw-dropping short film ‘Box’ from the US company Bot & Dolly. At first viewing you automatically assume CGI (computer generated effects added in post production), but if you carefully read the explanatory text you’ll......

I’ve finally achieved a long-term ambition with the launch of a photography workshop for this coming autumn. Workshops are like a combination of a teaching course and an adventure holiday, and they may last a single day, a weekend or perhaps a week or more.......

RTE, the Irish state broadcaster, has recently produced a television series called ‘Secrets of the Irsh Landscape’. Presented by popular wildlife personality Derek Mooney, it consists of three hour-long, documentary-style programmes that investigate the natural history of Ireland’s flora, fauna and landscape. The series was......

One of the few upsides to an Irish winter are the frequent episodes of stormy weather that sometimes provide dramatic photo opportunities. Every now and then, perhaps a couple of times each winter, the storms are accompanied by massive Atlantic swells. These are not just......