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Recent Projects

Gareth works with a wide variety of professional clients, and is experienced in providing top-quality photos and video covering a host of different subjects. Some projects use existing images from his stock collection, while others require new shots to be taken.

Gareth's work is dynamic and engaging, and invokes strong emotional reactions from the people who see it. This makes it perfect for capturing an audience and attracting attention to a particular subject.

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Marketing Materials

Project: Brochure and Website Images
Client: National Geographic Expeditions

National Geographic Adventures brochure
The National Geographic brand is synonymous with the very best photography in the world, so Gareth was delighted to be asked to contribute imagery to the marketing materials of National Geographic Expeditions, the adventure travel arm of the group. The company requires iconic photography to illustrate the their range of travel destinations both online and in printed materials.

National Geographic Adventures website

Over the years they have used many of Gareth's images, from locations as diverse as Patagonia, Iceland, France and Ireland. They liked two of his images so much, they even used them for the front covers of their 2013 and 2016 brochures.

Project: Printed, Online and Video Marketing Materials
Client: Tourism Ireland

So many of Gareth's photos feature his native Ireland, it comes as little surprise that he has a long-standing relationship with many of the tourism bodies that promote the country. One particularly fruitful affiliation is with Tourism Ireland, the body responsible for attracting overseas visitors to the island.

Over the years Gareth's photos have been used by Tourism Ireland in myriad ways, helping to communicate the natural beauty of the country and the wealth of activities it offers. His images and video clips have been used online, in printed material, in displays and advertisements in countless countries across the globe. All in the name of promoting the very landscape Gareth holds so dear.

Tourism Ireland brochure cover landing page Tourism Ireland brochure cover

Display Murals

Project: Supervalu Supermarket Murals
Client: The Delta Group

Supervalu deli mural When the Supervalu supermarket in Westport began a shop refit, the design agency The Delta Group contacted Gareth. They needed several large-format mural images for display behind the fishmonger, butcher and deli counters. This was both an exciting and a daunting proposition. Exciting because Gareth already had a depth of good imagery from the area, the reproductions would be huge, and they would be seen by thousands of people every week. Supervalu fishmonger mural Daunting because this size of enlargement tests the technical integrity of an image to the extreme.

After close liaison with the printers, the murals looked fantastic, with an impressive level of sharpness throughout. Several other store managers liked the result so much, Gareth was later asked to supply images for other supermarkets around Ireland too.

Project: Ballycroy National Park Visitor Centre
Client: WWT Consulting

Ballycroy Visitor Centre Despite the natural splendour of Ballycroy National Park in County Mayo, visitor facilities were virtually non-existent for the first ten years of the park's formation. Then the Irish government announced plans for a state-of-the-art visitor centre that would be built in Ballycroy village.

Gareth got a call while the visitor facilities were still at planning stage, and was soon commissioned to shoot a range of new photographs for the building's exhibition galleries. These images were designed to illustrate the variety of landscapes within Ballycroy heather wall mural the park, and were destined to be enlarged up to mural size, so had to meet the highest technical standards too.

Gareth visited the area many times, catching the heather in full bloom and producing a number of striking mountain panoramas. Once the shots were taken, close liaison was required with the printer to guarantee the sharpness of the images as they were enlarged up to six meters wide.

When the visitor centre opened, Gareth was delighted to see the final layout, with his shots reproduced so prominently. Hundreds of thousands of people now visit the centre each year, and Gareth's photos form a major part of their visitor experience.

Character Portraits

Project: John O'Driscoll Portrait
Client: Tourism Ireland

Strokestown House Portrait Gareth doesn't often shoot portraits, but when he does, his understanding of lighting and exposure imbalance is invaluable in achieving a balanced, professional result.

When Tourism Ireland requested a 'character portrait' of John O'Driscoll, the manager of eighteenth-century Strokestown House, Gareth was pleased to take the opportunity to engage in a different sort of photography. The portrait had to show John in his working environment, showing both the man and the interior of this treasured Georgian mansion.

After visiting the house, Gareth selected one of the drawing rooms as the location for the shoot. Although there were several bay windows allowing plenty of natural light to flood in, this wasn't enough to light the interior sufficiently. Gareth set up a flash umbrella to infuse the subject with more light, and took several shots of the scene at different exposure levels. He then used a luminosity blend to bring the highlights from the windows and the shadowy areas of the room together, and to create an HDR portrait with a pleasing and very natural look.

Project: Liquidworx-Fit Science Cycling Team
Client: Liquidworx

Liquidworx-Fit Science Racing Team This project began as a simple headshot of the individual members of the Liquidworx-Fit Science cycling team. The shoot was scheduled during a weekend training camp, but poor weather made outdoor photography impossible. The best alternative venue was an empty retail unit nearby. This presented a background of an ugly cavity-block wall, but the saving grace was a huge glass window letting in lots of soft natural light. Gareth balanced this light on the other side with an off-camera flash. There wasn't sufficient room for a group portrait, but Gareth saw the potential to turn the individual headshots into a single image in post processing, where he also converted the ugly background to plain black. The team were amazed to see the finished result, which went on to generate lots of attention on their social media channels.

Commissioned Shoots

Project: Waterkampioen Shannon Boating Shoot
Client: ANWB Media

As the longest river in Ireland, the River Shannon is a magnet for boat lovers from home and abroad. So it was an obvious choice when Waterkampioen, a Dutch boating magazine, were researching their feature on Irish river cruising. The magazine sent its own journalists to sample the delights of the waterway, but needed to commission a local photographer to provide some stand-out shots for a cover or title spread. Gareth's experience of photographing the Irish landscape made him an ideal candidate, and he was given a brief that required uncluttered boating shots capturing the mystical essence of the Emerald Isle.

The cool autumn mornings meant early mist would be a likely feature along the river, so Gareth arranged a dawn shoot, hoping the swirling mist would provide the ethereal atmosphere required. The day broke perfectly, with a soft dawn followed by calm reflections. The river was bathed in light changing from pink to gold, and the photos captured the morning perfectly.

Shannon Boating shoot Shannon Boating shoot Shannon Boating shoot

Project: Salmon Processing Shoot
Client: Upstream Salmon

Upstream Salmon shoot Though the bulk of Gareth's work takes place outdoors, he is sometimes asked conduct indoor photo shoots too. One such project arose in 2014, when he was contacted by Upstream Salmon, an Italian company that imports Irish fish landed at Killala, County Mayo. The company wanted a range of photos to illustrate the process of turning raw, whole fish into smoked salmon fillets.
Upstream Salmon shoot Upstream Salmon shoot

Gareth spent the morning at the salmon processing plant, documenting all the production stages from landing, de-boning and filleting to the smoking of the fish. As well as producing a range of photos that could be used for marketing purposes, Gareth shared stories with the plant workers and came home with a very tasty supply of smoked salmon for his fridge.


Project: 'Secrets of the Irish Landscape' Documentary
Client: RTE Cork

In 2013, RTE, the Irish state broadcaster, produced a television series called 'Secrets of the Irish Landscape'. Presented by popular wildlife personality Derek Mooney, the series consisted of three, hour-long, documentary-style programmes that explored the natural history of the country's landscape, flora and fauna.

The series was groundbreaking for RTE because the producers invited submissions from independent video makers for the first time. In the end they selected work from just a handful of external photographers - one of whom was Gareth. The three programmes included around twenty of Gareth's HD video clips, featuring landscape footage shot in various locations around the country. Many of his shots featured prominently in the trailers advertising the series, and in the opening sequences for the shows.

Above is a sample reel of some of Gareth's video footage and time lapse photography that appeared in the series.